Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Hey readers. Welcome to my blog. So, why am I here?
I decided to start a blog to create a hub for my social media links with my readers. By these means, readers and friends can stay connected to my profile along with links to buy my book. Visitors can also read up on my insights from time to time on various topics that are important to me. Perhaps, some of these topics hold a special place in your life, and I've always found it wonderful to share ideas in order to learn and understand life more completely. All it takes is an open mind and peaceful dialogue!

From time to time, I will add posts to my blog. They will be archived on the left hand column, some titled as special topics which I am constantly pondering. I can be social at times, but often enjoy time alone to recharge and observe the world around me. I remember an old line I heard as a teenager: "Sit two priests at a convention and they will argue their beliefs until they fight it out...sit two monks at a convention and they will peacefully find truth together." I can't help but feel like that monk, always searching for that something more in life. Searching for the truth that exists in and around us all. Searching for our own truths down the paths we travel each day.

Growing up, I've done well in school, pursued and achieved my career goals, and grown a loving family. In the last few years, my life has taken a different turn. A twist in the otherwise straight road I've travelled rather naively. It's not at all regret, but now with the embrace of a warm heart, I see life from widened eyes. I love examining our world at different angles, and learning about ourselves and the many shoes we walk in. One way of sharing some of my contemplations has been through writing my book. It's romantic in nature, with a second book in the works. But I'm glad to say that for as much of a ride it has been to write from my heart, it only prompts me to learn more. So since writing my first novel, I find it important to share more of my feelings with the world, mainly through this blog. Who knows; perhaps my words will inspire others as much as my friends have inspired me.

Please visit my blog whenever you like, and read up on my musings. While you're at it, don't forget to leave your own comments and thoughts- so ideas can be shared, and we can all help inspire others to be their best in the path we call life.

Have a wonderful day!

A. W. Clarke

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