Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Who is "Mateo"

When I wrote my book, it was important to have a couple of strong lead characters with which to generate the passions within the story. I've enjoyed a realist's attitude throughout my life, so I decided to mould a character that one might aspire to become, yet not be unrealistic in identity or presence.

I chose Mateo to have a dark, quiet nature. A type of confidence that catered to his sense of introversion. Here was a man who was adaptable enough to hold his own at a gathering, but most often preferred to work or spend leisure time alone. It was with this attitude, that Mateo was more receptive than most to his surroundings.

I personally enjoy looking around at others. Noting their joys and sorrows. Trying to understand them by their emotions and reactions. Understanding human interaction by the product of their relationships. This was Mateo at his finest. After years of experience and with a keen reception of humanity, Mateo has come to know what he wants in life, including his career, his relationships and his place in life. Given his experiences, he has come to know how to treat a woman. He knows how to "watch and learn" all he can about a woman's personality before he makes a move. Mateo is fearless, confident, and respectful. Some might view him as a loner who doesn't fit in with the crowd. But Mateo doesn't care. He knows that its often the insecurity of many that prevent them from feeling comfortable in life and in a crowd. Mateo's smooth relaxed demeanour keeps him confident in almost any situation.

Most people desire to hold a relaxed confidence in their personality. Why not, then, make this wonderful caring human being a lead character in the story, and an object of Victoria's desires.

The important thing is, however, that Mateo does not let his confidence thrust his ego into arrogance. This balance is what Victoria adores about Mateo, which leads us to examine the valuable sensibility found in Victoria.

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