Saturday, July 11, 2015

Eyes: The Perfect Hook

Here's another topic I thoroughly enjoy talking about. Eyes.
The mystery and depth in a set of eyes is as different and profound from one person to the next...

There is something to be said about that moment when your eyes lock with someone out of the blue.
The focus is deep. You can feel time slowly grinding to a halt. The air, thick and electric. For that long, heart-pounding moment, your gaze connects you both with a burst of adrenaline and passion that leaves you begging to know more about the other individual. Then, as soon as it engages you, its over. But until the next glance, your heart stirs a hurricane of endless indulgences...

Those of you who have felt the intense draw of the perfect set of eyes have no doubt been left with intense feelings of lust or desire for a complete stranger. What is it, then, that causes such a powerful hook into our state of eros?

It is possibly a fundamental mix of excitement and draw to the element of light. In its most basic state, humans have, since birth been drawn to light. It conveys purity, strength and life. Presenting things that shimmer also indicate a sense of purity and intrigue.

Earthly examples of this can be the notion one feels when they get a shiny diamond ring, or step into a glistening sports car, or even gaze out at the light reflected across a calm lake in the sun.

But to see that shimmer deep in the eyes of a human are much more meaningful! The human possession of light in their gaze can make for a very intense draw to the gazer's curiosity. Imagine being pulled into a deep gaze by the shining pupils deep within that mysterious man or woman's warm, perfect eyes. Pupils deep within a ring of crystal clear hues, just begging to take your hand, inviting you to discover their most private thoughts and feelings.

This is the magic within sight. Beauty runs deep in those beheld, but also in those wise who behold depth and curiosity. I loved writing about the depth of a lover's eyes, and the window within to the soul. It is there that the heart breeds warmth and passion, and only those who know exactly where to look, can find it.
Not in the material. Not the verbal. Not the graphic. But in the heart, and when connected through the eyes, both hearts can find true love.

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