Thursday, November 6, 2014

Victoria: One Woman's Eyes

The central character in A Love Once Found is Victoria, a thirty something urban professional with a strong attitude for success and an empty heart in the world of love.

Victoria is the dynamic character, around which the more static personas of three men capture her attention and take her through a roller coaster of emotions at different times in her life. In just over a year, Victoria struggles to set aside her professionalism when she comes face to face with her feelings for the opposite sex. These encounters tease her emotions and send her through her best times and her worst.

I chose a character like Victoria to highlight the fact that no one is perfect. Even though some of us believe we have we want: the car, the home, the toys, the riches...we are not at all happy in the end. There is still that little piece of us that feels cold without the warmth of another soul to enjoy in life. 
Victoria is a smart, caring, proper woman who has found success in many ways that we could desire. But her worst challenge has always been to find answers to those inexplicable emotions one wades through when in love. Throughout my novel, Victoria is put to the test, reflecting, growing, and adapting in her desire to find the perfect man with which to spend her life. She finds likely candidates, but has to look deep within herself, analyse her wants and needs and find feasibility in a relationship when she hasn't even learned who she truly is yet.

A Love Once Found is a wonderful visit into a confident love struck woman's mind. The reader gets to feel her pain, laugh along with her during the jovial moments, and unearth the realms of love waiting deep within her heart.

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