Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Journey of Writing From Idea to Print: Parts 1 and 2

Here are Parts 1 and 2 of my article on the journey of writing my book. Enjoy!

1. Welcome to My Story, and Your Success
By A. W. Clarke

Hello readers. My name is A. W. Clarke. Like many of you, I started with nothing more than an idea and the desire to be a successful published author. I can tell you two things that are for certain. One, if you have the desire and drive to succeed, you are already on your way to your goals. Second, having a plan and following it diligently will get your there. 

The world’s wheels will not stop for anyone with low ambition who thinks everything will happen to them at some random moment. So don’t say “I was thinking of” But rather, say to yourself, “I will”, and you will find completion of any goal you set your mind to.

With that said, over the course of three years, I went from having an idea for a book to achieving my goal of having my book published and available to the world for readers to enjoy. Therefore, I can say that I have accomplished my goal of being a successfully published author. I have sold enough copies of my book to reaffirm my desire to share my own thoughts with other people through words. 

I tell you, there is no greater reward than hearing your readers tell you that they've had a positive connection with YOUR creation. Now, since having seen my goal reached, I’d like to share this literary journey with others, since it is often the inspiration of others that can fuel our passion to accomplish what we desire.

I will share with you eight aspects of my writing journey. I hope it can be of inspiration to you as you contemplate success in the literary field. Remember, everyone starts with a simple idea. From there, all you need is to set goals along the way, and fuel the passion to reach each of those goals until the end. Never give up!

2. Where I Discovered My Interest in Literary Work
By A. W. Clarke

It's not often that stories begin with an oddball background, but I’ve decided to start in just that manner. I never ever thought of being a writer. There, I said it. It’s true. But what is also true, is that no one knows their true destiny in life at any age. 

So with that, I’ll share with you that I left school and entered a trade. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and took pride in looking at the final product of any job. Whether I’ve repaired machines or built furniture from simple ideas in my head, the joy of persevering until the job was finished was the driving factor behind each day’s work.

Fast forward to 2011. I had an acquaintance over and was chatting about the usual meanderings of life, when we came to talk about hobbies and interests. Being a tech geek, I mentioned everything I took interest in from cars to electronics and every machine in between. My friend had been in the service industry for years, but did mention the completion of a novel as part of a hobby. 

Wow! I had never met a real live author before! For some reason-perhaps my unquenchable desire to learn new things, I was hooked!

Without sounding arrogant, I had boldly whispered to myself that night, “Damn it, if you can do it, I can do it.”

Now I had in me the passion and drive to begin. This is where all goals start for everyone. All I needed was an idea. As I continued to hear about my friend’s explanation of the journey of writing, it was apparent to me that this was a feasible way to share any ideas I had with those willing to hear about them. That’s when I remembered my time in school.

To me, school was as not only a place to learn new ideas and develop skills, but it was also the place where students learn how to learn. This is a very important concept. In a nutshell, what we learn in school is a form of resourcefulness. 

People aren’t expected to memorize and regurgitate math formulas or descriptive essays every day of their career. More important than that, school taught me that it was up to me to find ways to figure out how to get from point A to B, either financially, socially, or throughout my career. 

Indeed we all do this many times in our lives, from familiarizing ourselves with a new computer program to understanding how to reload a paper towel dispenser. If we don’t know, we ask. If we cannot ask, we watch, or research or try until we succeed. Also, in doing so, we often reach our goals as long as we keep trying, and don’t give up.

So with my friend’s inspiration, I set out to successfully write a book. I was excited. Who knows where this would lead! All I wanted to do at the end of it all, was to do what I had done many times before in my day to day career.

I wanted to hold in my hands a product of my work, and smile. 

Tune in tomorrow, for parts 3 and 4 of my article Journey of Writing, From Idea to Print.

A. W. Clarke

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