Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Multi-tool We All Own: The Incredible Power of a Hug

Our arms are more than just extensions of our physical capabilities. Though we use them daily at work and play, the secret power of a hug is one of the must underestimated means of communication used by individuals.

Think about it. The decision to embrace someone else is a conscious action often initiated by the heart. But hugging someone does not always convey the same intention. It is extremely powerful and should be preserved in a society that often discourages physical contact under certain situations.

If you think about it, there are several reasons for which wrapping your arms around someone are warranted...

When a parent hugs their child at bedtime, they are reinforcing a sense of security to their child, reaffirming their place in a close-knit and supportive family, thankful for the privilege of another day together.

When a friend or family member experiences a loss or is saddened for some reason, a hug provides comfort to a weary soul and a light of optimism in an otherwise dark time in that person's life.

A hug can also offer a simple moment of warmth and acknowledgement when welcoming someone to a special event. A hug of welcome can make a guest feel comfortable during an evening party or an important meeting. This hug shows compassion in the most platonic manner.

There is also the type of hug that is prompted during long moments of intimate tension. That first romantic embrace between lovers can release an furious explosion of feelings from deep within their hearts. This hug can, under the right conditions, confirm the love between two people and set the stage for further displays of affection and intimacy.

Taken further, a romantic hug can morph into the carnal, selfishly lewd conveyance of sexual desire that catapults two people into blissful intimacy. Grasping your lover tightly in your arms during sex while your gazes meet hungrily can exude the purest intentions of desire and elation.

Lastly, one of my favourite types of hugs has the most potential, yet goes rarely seen by today's societal standards. It is the type of deep hug shared by any two close friends who have an extremely respectful type of love and regard for the other. An esteeming hug, administered correctly, is remembered for years. It is tight, warm and long lasting; during which time, each person values the embrace of someone in their life whom they have a deep respect and admiration for.
This type of hug speaks one of the kindest tones. It often says "I have respect for you. I value you in my life, and I value you in the lives of others."

Whether gentle or intense, all hugs begin with a simple clutch of the arms around another person whom you esteem to some degree.
Hugs are an important part of life on earth. It radiates loves. It reaffirms security. It offers support. And at it's core, a hug demonstrates respect.

Seek to hug someone each and every day. It is with a kind embrace that we spread all forms of love throughout the world, and change it for the better... with this one simple, powerful tool.


A. W.


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