Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Release: The Love That Remains

My newest book entitled The Love That Remains is now out on Amazon. Here's a synopsis of my latest work:

Alec Bauer always followed the rules. School. Life. Work. He was kind and quiet, but had a hidden strength that shone in the darkest of times.
But no matter how many hearts he'd warmed, fate brought a certain someone to stand endlessly beyond his reach.

Holly Derksen has always been the shy and beautiful young woman who sought excitement in her less than typical life.
Will Alec's choices lead him to the person who his heart desires,
or will he be destined to remain forever the friend?

The Love That Remains follows the story of two young kids as they meet in grade school and are torn apart and drawn together by fate. As Holly struggles to find happiness in her life, it is never certain if she finds the loyalty and love of her school friend Alec. 

Enjoy the truest notions of loyalty, despite all odds, in this heartwarming tale of lost love. The Love That Remains, on

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