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Captivating Reader Response to The Love That Remains

Hey everyone. AW Clarke here.
I just came off a wonderful author signing this past month in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Romancing the Falls was organized by the talented Freya Barker, and brought together nearly 70 authors to one great place to meet new and familiar friends, bloggers and readers, and sell great stories!

I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy Willoughby, a new reader to me and such a sweet soul. I met her husband and we chatted books before she gave one of my stories a try.

The Love That Remains is one of my five books, and truthfully, my favorite one to write. It's a story of lost love between two souls whose fates are drawn together and apart throughout the years. Tracy kept me updated with her thoughts and reactions to the story as it unfolded, and I was so honored that she was very moved by the story of Alec and Holly.

She was so taken back by the story's powerful ending, that Tracy felt Holly should have expressed more of her feelings to Alec after some time and reflection.

Tracy composed a letter that she felt expressed the context of Holly's emotions after the story's ending, and I was honestly on the verge of tears after reading it!

With her permission, I share it with all of you today. If you've read the fateful story of The Love That Remains, this letter to Alec from Holly is a beautiful heartfelt reflection from one soul to another. Enjoy, and thank you, Tracy, for this wonderful passage:

It's been a few years since you've left,

and I'm not sure if you hear my prayers to you each night
so I thought I'd sit down and put some of my lingering thoughts on paper.

I was heartbroken when your dad passed away last year.
The funeral was small but beautiful. I visited him as much as I could
after I learned of your death. He was never the same.
I know they say he passed from the affects of Alzheimer's
but I believe he died of a broken heart. He loved you so much and I know
he was proud of you. I've been doing some soul searching and made
a few changes.

Jack and I are no longer together.
He tried to be a better husband and father but he just couldn't put the bottle
and jealously away and learning he hid your death from me, sealed our fate.
Or maybe our fate was sealed from the very beginning.
We truly never loved each other and I see that now. We got married
for the wrong reasons and living with resentment and anger is no way to live.
It's not a fancy job but I work for the local paper. I'm also taking writing classes at night.
It's a step in the right direction to achieving my dream. Maybe it won't be like the way
I envisioned it as a child but it will be close. Victoria is growing like a weed.
She is smart and beautiful. You'd love the young lady she's turning into. She still sits
in the back by the planter box you built with her, talking to the plants like you told her.
I don't know what she talks about but I know it helps her, especially after my divorce
with her father. She really liked you and is still grateful to you for saving her life that fateful day.
I'm glad it was you who rescued her. After your death, I had so much guilt because
I realized too late just how good of a friend you were and I took it for granted. You were always
there for me and you saved me so many times,
but I was always too busy being someone I'm not and chasing what I thought was something better.

You see, you always took life for what it was and never let life's obstacles bring you down.
I wasn't a very good friend to you. Hell, I wasn't even a good friend to myself.
I'm learning to truly love myself and give more then I take.
Remember that day on your couch when you got me to listen to your heartbeat,
and you told me that simple act was more intimate than sex? I get it now.
And now, thanks to you, I can hear it everyday. Jack tried to hide his knowledge of
the fact that you sacrificed your life to save mine and I know you wouldn't want me to dwell on that,
so I try to live every day to the fullest and do random acts of kindness in your honor.

You were my person in life. The love of my life. Though we never got our fairy tale ending,
you gave me what even prince charming never gave Cinderella...a heart. Whenever I get lost
or scared, I close my eyes and listen to your heart beating in my chest and remind myself
you're still with me. Your friendship meant everything to me. I know you're up in heaven
surrounded by the love of your parents, especially your mom who I know you missed
every day since she was taken from you.
I truly loved you more than anything. It just took me a while to realize it.
Well, I think I've said everything I need to.
Take care of each other up there, and I can't wait to see you again.


If you enjoyed this letter, give The Love That Remains a read, or visit it again to capture the emotional journey between Alec and Holly. Here's the link, or click the book picture at right.
Thank you,

AW Clarke

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