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New to my Books? Check Them out Here!

Welcome to my author blog. Let me tell you a little about my books if you're new to me...

Let's start with my latest group of novellas: The Hart Series. This three-part trilogy combines the action mystery genres with a little romance. Toronto detective Mitchell Hart is quietly seeking out revenge on a group of mob members after a horrible crime against someone very close to him. As he exerts his vengeful actions, fate drops a lovely young stranger in his path. How can Mitchell focus on his efforts when this mysterious lady occupies not only his path, but his mind? Check out the Hart Series Trilogy to enjoy the twists and turns of their story:

Vigilant Hart
How much misfortune can one person endure?
After some unexpected news at work, Samantha Quinn’s world was thrown belly up with a bevy of hapless events.
But Samantha is determined to find the tenacity to grab life by the bootstraps and march on, even if she has to meet her goals alone...
...Until a tragic day’s fate entangles her life
with that of a tall, unassuming blue-eyed mystery man.
With well kept secrets behind a vengeful endeavor,
will Samantha find a long overdue bond in the days that line her uncertain fate?
*WARNING* This story contains scenes with strong language and violence.

Crushing Hart
For those who have read Vigilant Hart, it's time to discover Mitchell's mysterious past.Can the purest of love last forever? Wind back the clock about a decade and witness what drew together two high school sweethearts: Gloria, the sweet but insecure teenager from Givins Secondary, and Mitchell, the strong and silent senior from Highton Collegiate.Uncover the love that brought them close, and the hard work and challenges that tested the very binds of their marriage.After you’ve read Vigilant Hart, delve now into Crushing Hart, the prequel and second installment of the Hart series,and discover the turbulent backstory behind the mystery that would descend upon Gloria and Mitchell’s seemingly unbreakable bond.

Redeeming Hart
After a horrible tragedy, a lone vigilante strikes destiny’s path by heading straight into the world of Samantha Quinn and the Zeldon Financial Empire... As they draw close, will the romance that restarts Mitchell’s life yield him the strength to find love again, or will treacherousoutside forces threaten to wipe hope from his every reach?After you've read Vigilant Hart and Crushing Hart, jump into Redeeming Hart, the last in this mystery adventure series, and find out if romance fills the gaps that tragedy has left wounded and open.*Warning: Adult content. This series contains scenes of violence, coarse language and/or sexuality, which may not be suitable for young readers. Discretion is advised.

Interested in my dedicated romance/ contemporary fiction novels? Here they are...

My first novel I wrote was back in 2014, titled Hooked. It's about a young professional who decides she needs a vacation from her hectic job in downtown Chicago and heads to Italy. While there, she meets a Spanish bike builder, Mateo. Victoria and Mateo come from two different worlds- her fast paced and fashionable city life versus Mateo's rural, more laid back appreciation for art and scenery. Both hard-working individuals connect, but after her return to Chicago, Victoria battles her inner self to find true love... Could it be in Mateo's arms back in Italy, or in the embrace of another man closer to home?

Victoria has it all. She is bright, beautiful and the envy of her colleagues. Yet, despite her success, she knows deep down something is missing. On a leisurely trip to Italy, she meets with destiny in a way that will change her life forever. Destiny being a gorgeous man atop a motorcycle. Mateo is everything Victoria is not. He sees the beauty of life in a way she doesn’t. Against her better judgement, Victoria steps into Mateo’s world. She will never be the same. Experience the passion, regret, and rediscovery that sends a young woman's heart on a roller coaster ride of emotion. This book contains sexual content and situations suitable only for mature readers.

Next up is Tale of James. I wrote this novel about self love and starting over years later. I needed to write about how someone can find from deep inside one's self the strength to move on after bad choices. James moves to England and works on a farm to start his life over after the depression that gripped him back home. While alone in a new world, he crosses paths with some neighbours, one of which is a beautiful blue-eyed young woman with a determination for life! Join James and Charlotte as they grow together from different parts of the world, and discover something incredible about their past.

Tale of James
High over the Atlantic Ocean, James Rosso found an escape. An escape from his dark past, where a single, difficult decision led him to give up everything he owned. Now faced with uncertainty, James is set to take a chance at a new life in England. Cobbled paths and lush, British countryside draw James back in time to revisit his past and offer him strength to steer clear of the demons that claw at his thoughts. But when he befriends an unexpected companion, will he find within himself what he needs to let her through his protective walls, or will he be forever enslaved to the clutches of a sorrowed past?

And last but not least, my favorite book to write, The Love That Remains! This was my second novel written, and one I really enjoyed putting together. It follows the lives of two kids who meet in school at the age of eight. Fate pulls apart and draws together these two shy children as they grow into adults, and one wonders just how these two souls will be connected. Various challenges temp to rip their own lives apart, like bullying, attempted suicide and bulimia... But will the connection between Alec and Holly remain strong despite being drawn away by life's arduous twists and turns?
The Love That Remains
Alec Bauer always followed the rules. School. Life. Work. He was kind and quiet, but had a hidden strength that shone in the darkest of times. But no matter how many hearts he'd warmed, fate brought a certain someone to stand endlessly beyond his reach. Holly Derksen has always been the shy and beautiful young woman who sought excitement in her less than typical life. Will Alec's choices lead him to the person who his heart desires, or will he be destined to remain forever the friend?

I am currently working on a few other works for your reading pleasure. Feel free to check out my articles on this blog site about life and relationships, my writing journey, and the short intimate scenes I have created for a little quick and fun read!

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Hope you enjoy my words!

AW Clarke

New to my Books? Check Them out Here!

Welcome to my author blog. Let me tell you a little about my books if you're new to me... Let's start with my latest group...