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New to my Books? Check Them out Here!

Welcome to my author blog. Let me tell you a little about my books if you're new to me...

Let's start with my latest group of novellas: The Hart Series. This three-part trilogy combines the action mystery genres with a little romance. Toronto detective Mitchell Hart is quietly seeking out revenge on a group of mob members after a horrible crime against someone very close to him. As he exerts his vengeful actions, fate drops a lovely young stranger in his path. How can Mitchell focus on his efforts when this mysterious lady occupies not only his path, but his mind? Check out the Hart Series Trilogy to enjoy the twists and turns of their story:

Vigilant Hart
How much misfortune can one person endure?
After some unexpected news at work, Samantha Quinn’s world was thrown belly up with a bevy of hapless events.
But Samantha is determined to find the tenacity to grab life by the bootstraps and march on, even if she has to meet her goals alone...
...Until a tragic day’s fate entangles her life
with that of a tall, unassuming blue-eyed mystery man.
With well kept secrets behind a vengeful endeavor,
will Samantha find a long overdue bond in the days that line her uncertain fate?
*WARNING* This story contains scenes with strong language and violence.

Crushing Hart
For those who have read Vigilant Hart, it's time to discover Mitchell's mysterious past.Can the purest of love last forever? Wind back the clock about a decade and witness what drew together two high school sweethearts: Gloria, the sweet but insecure teenager from Givins Secondary, and Mitchell, the strong and silent senior from Highton Collegiate.Uncover the love that brought them close, and the hard work and challenges that tested the very binds of their marriage.After you’ve read Vigilant Hart, delve now into Crushing Hart, the prequel and second installment of the Hart series,and discover the turbulent backstory behind the mystery that would descend upon Gloria and Mitchell’s seemingly unbreakable bond.

Redeeming Hart
After a horrible tragedy, a lone vigilante strikes destiny’s path by heading straight into the world of Samantha Quinn and the Zeldon Financial Empire... As they draw close, will the romance that restarts Mitchell’s life yield him the strength to find love again, or will treacherousoutside forces threaten to wipe hope from his every reach?After you've read Vigilant Hart and Crushing Hart, jump into Redeeming Hart, the last in this mystery adventure series, and find out if romance fills the gaps that tragedy has left wounded and open.*Warning: Adult content. This series contains scenes of violence, coarse language and/or sexuality, which may not be suitable for young readers. Discretion is advised.

Interested in my dedicated romance/ contemporary fiction novels? Here they are...

My first novel I wrote was back in 2014, titled Hooked. It's about a young professional who decides she needs a vacation from her hectic job in downtown Chicago and heads to Italy. While there, she meets a Spanish bike builder, Mateo. Victoria and Mateo come from two different worlds- her fast paced and fashionable city life versus Mateo's rural, more laid back appreciation for art and scenery. Both hard-working individuals connect, but after her return to Chicago, Victoria battles her inner self to find true love... Could it be in Mateo's arms back in Italy, or in the embrace of another man closer to home?

Victoria has it all. She is bright, beautiful and the envy of her colleagues. Yet, despite her success, she knows deep down something is missing. On a leisurely trip to Italy, she meets with destiny in a way that will change her life forever. Destiny being a gorgeous man atop a motorcycle. Mateo is everything Victoria is not. He sees the beauty of life in a way she doesn’t. Against her better judgement, Victoria steps into Mateo’s world. She will never be the same. Experience the passion, regret, and rediscovery that sends a young woman's heart on a roller coaster ride of emotion. This book contains sexual content and situations suitable only for mature readers.

Next up is Tale of James. I wrote this novel about self love and starting over years later. I needed to write about how someone can find from deep inside one's self the strength to move on after bad choices. James moves to England and works on a farm to start his life over after the depression that gripped him back home. While alone in a new world, he crosses paths with some neighbours, one of which is a beautiful blue-eyed young woman with a determination for life! Join James and Charlotte as they grow together from different parts of the world, and discover something incredible about their past.

Tale of James
High over the Atlantic Ocean, James Rosso found an escape. An escape from his dark past, where a single, difficult decision led him to give up everything he owned. Now faced with uncertainty, James is set to take a chance at a new life in England. Cobbled paths and lush, British countryside draw James back in time to revisit his past and offer him strength to steer clear of the demons that claw at his thoughts. But when he befriends an unexpected companion, will he find within himself what he needs to let her through his protective walls, or will he be forever enslaved to the clutches of a sorrowed past?

And last but not least, my favorite book to write, The Love That Remains! This was my second novel written, and one I really enjoyed putting together. It follows the lives of two kids who meet in school at the age of eight. Fate pulls apart and draws together these two shy children as they grow into adults, and one wonders just how these two souls will be connected. Various challenges temp to rip their own lives apart, like bullying, attempted suicide and bulimia... But will the connection between Alec and Holly remain strong despite being drawn away by life's arduous twists and turns?
The Love That Remains
Alec Bauer always followed the rules. School. Life. Work. He was kind and quiet, but had a hidden strength that shone in the darkest of times. But no matter how many hearts he'd warmed, fate brought a certain someone to stand endlessly beyond his reach. Holly Derksen has always been the shy and beautiful young woman who sought excitement in her less than typical life. Will Alec's choices lead him to the person who his heart desires, or will he be destined to remain forever the friend?

I am currently working on a few other works for your reading pleasure. Feel free to check out my articles on this blog site about life and relationships, my writing journey, and the short intimate scenes I have created for a little quick and fun read!

As always, follow me on Facebook, or contact me anytime at

Hope you enjoy my words!

AW Clarke

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Captivating Reader Response to The Love That Remains

Hey everyone. AW Clarke here.
I just came off a wonderful author signing this past month in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Romancing the Falls was organized by the talented Freya Barker, and brought together nearly 70 authors to one great place to meet new and familiar friends, bloggers and readers, and sell great stories!

I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy Willoughby, a new reader to me and such a sweet soul. I met her husband and we chatted books before she gave one of my stories a try.

The Love That Remains is one of my five books, and truthfully, my favorite one to write. It's a story of lost love between two souls whose fates are drawn together and apart throughout the years. Tracy kept me updated with her thoughts and reactions to the story as it unfolded, and I was so honored that she was very moved by the story of Alec and Holly.

She was so taken back by the story's powerful ending, that Tracy felt Holly should have expressed more of her feelings to Alec after some time and reflection.

Tracy composed a letter that she felt expressed the context of Holly's emotions after the story's ending, and I was honestly on the verge of tears after reading it!

With her permission, I share it with all of you today. If you've read the fateful story of The Love That Remains, this letter to Alec from Holly is a beautiful heartfelt reflection from one soul to another. Enjoy, and thank you, Tracy, for this wonderful passage:

It's been a few years since you've left,

and I'm not sure if you hear my prayers to you each night
so I thought I'd sit down and put some of my lingering thoughts on paper.

I was heartbroken when your dad passed away last year.
The funeral was small but beautiful. I visited him as much as I could
after I learned of your death. He was never the same.
I know they say he passed from the affects of Alzheimer's
but I believe he died of a broken heart. He loved you so much and I know
he was proud of you. I've been doing some soul searching and made
a few changes.

Jack and I are no longer together.
He tried to be a better husband and father but he just couldn't put the bottle
and jealously away and learning he hid your death from me, sealed our fate.
Or maybe our fate was sealed from the very beginning.
We truly never loved each other and I see that now. We got married
for the wrong reasons and living with resentment and anger is no way to live.
It's not a fancy job but I work for the local paper. I'm also taking writing classes at night.
It's a step in the right direction to achieving my dream. Maybe it won't be like the way
I envisioned it as a child but it will be close. Victoria is growing like a weed.
She is smart and beautiful. You'd love the young lady she's turning into. She still sits
in the back by the planter box you built with her, talking to the plants like you told her.
I don't know what she talks about but I know it helps her, especially after my divorce
with her father. She really liked you and is still grateful to you for saving her life that fateful day.
I'm glad it was you who rescued her. After your death, I had so much guilt because
I realized too late just how good of a friend you were and I took it for granted. You were always
there for me and you saved me so many times,
but I was always too busy being someone I'm not and chasing what I thought was something better.

You see, you always took life for what it was and never let life's obstacles bring you down.
I wasn't a very good friend to you. Hell, I wasn't even a good friend to myself.
I'm learning to truly love myself and give more then I take.
Remember that day on your couch when you got me to listen to your heartbeat,
and you told me that simple act was more intimate than sex? I get it now.
And now, thanks to you, I can hear it everyday. Jack tried to hide his knowledge of
the fact that you sacrificed your life to save mine and I know you wouldn't want me to dwell on that,
so I try to live every day to the fullest and do random acts of kindness in your honor.

You were my person in life. The love of my life. Though we never got our fairy tale ending,
you gave me what even prince charming never gave Cinderella...a heart. Whenever I get lost
or scared, I close my eyes and listen to your heart beating in my chest and remind myself
you're still with me. Your friendship meant everything to me. I know you're up in heaven
surrounded by the love of your parents, especially your mom who I know you missed
every day since she was taken from you.
I truly loved you more than anything. It just took me a while to realize it.
Well, I think I've said everything I need to.
Take care of each other up there, and I can't wait to see you again.


If you enjoyed this letter, give The Love That Remains a read, or visit it again to capture the emotional journey between Alec and Holly. Here's the link, or click the book picture at right.
Thank you,

AW Clarke

Friday, May 3, 2019

New Action Mystery: Crushing Hart, book 2 in the Hart Trilogy

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to post the release of my next novella in the action mystery Trilogy.
Crushing Hart is the prequel to Vigilant Hart, giving readers a look into the unhappy backstory to Mitchell's life situation.

Here's the blurb:

For those who have read Vigilant Hart, it's time to discover Mitchell's mysterious past.Can the purest of love last forever? Wind back the clock about a decade and witness what drew together two high school sweethearts: Gloria, the sweet but insecure teenager from Givins Secondary, and Mitchell, the strong and silent senior from Highton Collegiate.Uncover the love that brought them close, and the hard work and challenges that tested the very binds of their marriage.After you’ve read Vigilant Hart, delve now into Crushing Hart, the prequel and second installment of the Hart series,and discover the turbulent backstory behind the mystery that would descend upon Gloria and Mitchell’s seemingly unbreakable bond.

Crushing Hart is now on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

I will be working on releasing the sequel, and final installment of the Hart Trilogy later this year.
I hope you enjoy this heart-tugging story!


Monday, February 4, 2019

New Standalone Scene: Connected

Sweet gestures of intimacy can be as powerful as moments of hard, intense passion.
On the tail end of my release of Vigilant Hart, an action mystery novella, I wanted to thank everyone for their support by adding a new Standalone Scene to my blog. Though Vigilant Hart is different from my contemporary romance novels, it's always fun to revisit one's origin genre and share one's work with those who appreciate that genre.

I hope you enjoy this sweet and romantic scene between Vincent and his wife Lauren, as they come to spend an afternoon celebrating not only their future together, but the very bond that has held their long love together:


            This is going to look beautiful.
            Lauren pulled another loop of pink yarn through the white thread with her crochet hook to add colour to the stitch. The afternoon sun sent beams of light through the window, splashing conveniently across her lap where she sat working with peaceful focus. The house was quiet. But it didn’t bother Lauren. She knew that in another six months, she and her husband would be graced with a very special gift.
            The sound of a tumbling latch echoed across the hall as the front door opened, and Lauren’s husband entered, kicking the snow off his boots.
            “Hey sweetheart!”
            “Vincent? What are you doing home this early?”
            “It’s Friday,” Vince called out, removing his navy blue pea coat to hang in the hall closet. “I decided to leave the office early and surprise my wife.”
            Lauren smiled. “What a sweet thing to do. But aren’t you needed at work today? Isn’t the team finishing that bridge design for approval next week?”
            “All done, young lady.” Vince entered the bedroom of their tiny home to meet his wife with a small tray containing two hot beverages. “Your choice. Tea with milk and sugar, or hot chocolate. I know you like both.”
            “I’ll take the tea please.”
            Vince removed the tea from the tray and placed it on a small side table not far from the recliner chair.
            “So what are you building here?”
            “It’s going to be a little baby hat.”
            “Looks like a doily so far.”
            Lauren looked to her husband with a forgiving smile. “I just started it. It will grow just big enough to hold a little baby’s head inside. What do you think of the pattern. Isn’t it cute?” Lauren lifted her hands to display the elaborate design.
            “It’s beautiful. Seriously honey, I can design a suspension bridge, but I have no idea how you make those little circles all stick together like that with a long piece of yarn.” Vince moved his hand gently onto her belly. “You’re just better than me at some things,” he whispered, kissing her forehead.
            Vince eyed her smile and got up to remove his suit jacket. “So how was your day, honey?”
“Oh, fine. Quiet. Actually, the crib arrived today. I had them leave the box in the baby’s room.”
            “Perfect. We can assemble it together after dinner!”
            Vince hung his jacket up neatly in the closet and turned about. He took a quiet moment to watch his beautiful pregnant wife focus on each stitch going into the little hand made gift for their first baby. He was just as ecstatic as she was, knowing that after their numerous efforts to have a child, God had finally answered their hopes with a precious gift.
            “Lauren,” he whispered as he paced slowly to her and descended to his knees at the foot of the chair. “I can’t tell you how happy I am that you said yes to me three years ago. You’ve made me the happiest man alive.”
            Lauren stopped working the hook and yarn in her lap to focus on the sincere expression in her husband’s gaze. “Vincent, I couldn’t be happier, married to you.”
            Vince smiled like a young boy in appreciation of the company before him.
            “How’s the tea?”
            “A bit hot. Going to let it sit.”
            Vince looked at his wife’s hands as she picked up where she left off on the little hat. “Sweetie, your fingers look a bit tired. Why don’t you stop and rest them for a while?”
            “I just want to finish this next set of stitches. Oh, and I made something for you…”
            “You did?”
            “Yes. It took me a week, and I hid it from you, but now it’s ready. I hope you like it.” Lauren set her work aside and reached under the recliner pulling out a small plastic bag. She opened it and withdrew a striped burgundy scarf.”
            “You made this?” Vince took the scarf with wide eyes and unfolded it curiously. “It’s beautiful! This will go perfectly with my peacoat.” Vince drew it behind his head and let it fall over his broad shoulders. “It’s going with me to work tomorrow,” he said, lifting the end of the scarf with one hand to Lauren’s cheek and grazing it gently in circles with the tail ends of soft yarn.
            Lauren closed her eyes and smiled, enjoying the light sensation on her skin…

            Vince saw the sweet reception of his gesture on his wife’s face and felt further attracted to the woman who meant the world to her. Home early from work, and captivated by his stunning wife, he decided to entertain her…

            He reached for the yarn and hook and tucked them away in Lauren’s crocheting basket, then took her hands in his. He rubbed his fingers along hers in an effort to edge out the soreness of several hours work on a quiet afternoon. Lauren had enjoyed an entire day alone, dedicating her time to someone who would arrive in their lives by the start of summer. But before their sweet gift arrived, Vince wanted to spend some intimate time with his partner.
            He stood up and edged Lauren out of her seat by the hand.
            “What are you doing?”
            “I want to entertain you. Come over to the bed.”
Vince drew her tight against his body and in the stillness, dotted her lips with a single, soft kiss. “I want to feel your body close to me. Every inch of it.”
            Lauren lowered her head, shyness splashing through her chest. “You still like my body? It’s going to start looking very different soon.”
            Vince raised her chin to meet her eyes.
            “Are you kidding me? Your body has been the center of my attention since we met years ago. I always have a hard time peeling these eyes and hands away from you, babe.” Vince travelled the length of her with a slow, commanding gaze, one that Lauren occasionally indulges in from her sweet, mild-mannered husband. She watched as a slow smile curled the edges of his lips, his hands approaching her body.
            “Let me take this off for you…” Vince slowly undid the white buttons of Lauren’s baggy cotton shirt. His fingers travelled to her neck, hooking the opening of her sweater, and travelled to her shoulders, edging the sweater down her sleeves and tossing it onto the bed. He gazed at her beautiful bare breasts.
            “Comfy?” he asked, the tiny smile still on his face.
            “Let’s get you more comfortable.”
            Vince led her to his side of the bed and crouched down. His fingers slowly loosened the drawstring of her comfortable cotton pants and gently slid them down past her bottom.
            “Have a seat, sweetheart.”
            Vince then raised a leg of his comfortably seated wife, then the other, and slowly withdrew the pants from her person. He got to his feet, and folded them neatly, setting them aside by the sweater.
            “Neat freak,” Lauren called out, giggling. She loved his organized mannerism. His constant efforts always warmed her heart.
            “What? Freak, you say?” Vince questioned, his grin now sly.
            “I didn’t mean it like that,” Lauren laughed back.
            “Well, maybe you’ll get a little freak this afternoon. Maybe you won’t. You’ll just have to wait and see.”
            Lauren drew her chin into her chest in curiosity. “And what might you have planned for me at the moment, good Sir?”
            “Well,” he stated softly, “You’ve been so busy today, it’s time you relax, and let my hands take over for a while. Who knows, maybe I’ll have you join in a little later. Now, I want you to lay back, across the bed on your back.”
            Lauren did as she was asked, and as she took a position across the plush bed, she noticed, staring upwards, that her husband had pulled a small chair up behind her head and took a seat.
            She met his gaze as he leaned forward in the chair, over her face.
            “Close your eyes,” he whispered with a smile.
            Lauren slowly closed her lids and nestled into the bed’s soft fabric.
            “Just bring yourself a bit toward me, sweetheart. I want the back of your head just a tiny bit off the edge of the bed.”
            Curious, Lauren obliged, and wriggled herself up a few inches.
            “Why do you want me slightly off—”
            Eyes, still shut, Lauren suddenly felt the warmth of two palms cradle the back of her head. One hand slowly lifted it up, while the other hand collected her length of soft hair and guided it back, letting it hang loosely over the edge of the bed. Her head was then lowered slightly, and Vince sat back for a moment.
            “This is going to feel better as each minute passes. Just keep your eyes closed.”
            Lauren nodded in anticipation. A peaceful silence arrested the room. With eyes shut and her head tilted back slightly, Vince was going to love his wife by elevating the receptions of her body.
            Seconds later, Lauren felt the soft touch of her husband’s fingers land on the skin just behind her ears, making her smile. The soothing warmth of his digits connected with her jaw as they glided along its length and converged at her chin. The index and middle finger of both Vince’s hands passed the edges of her smile and slid ever so softly across her cheeks and temples, converging at her forehead.
            “Mmm…” Lauren purred, through closed lips.
            Vince traced his fingers apart and Lauren felt the moist impression of her husband’s lips on her forehead. A splash of adrenaline charged her core and she did her best to conceal a slight shiver, enjoying the surprise treatment that afternoon.
            “You like that?”
            “Mmm yes…”
            “Good,” Vince replied softly. He got up from the chair and returned moments later to sit down.
Lauren opened her eyes and saw Vince take a seat with his new scarf slung around his neck.
            “I’ll need this in a minute,” he explained with a smile. “Now close those eyes back up, sweetheart.”
            Lauren shrugged and closed her eyes, darkening the thoughts and mystery that swirled in her mind as she waited virtually naked on the bed.
            Vince’s hands returned, this time to her shoulders. The warmth of open palms inched along the length of her arms, past the elbows, rubbing her forearms and meeting at her fingers. He entwined his fingers in hers and leaned forward.
            “Stay still.”
            Vince’s lips landed on his wife’s, the familiar taste of his skin melting her instantly. Teased by her husband’s brilliant romantic gestures, Lauren waited for his tongue to search hers, and they danced about between their mouths. Vince loved kissing his wife. It was a connection that felt both comforting yet thrillingly undefined. Every long, sensuous kiss the two had shared seemed to take them to states of lustful camaraderie.
            Lauren tuned into the senses that were intensifying as the handsome gentleman above her made splendid contact with her body in all the right ways. Instinct captured her muscles, and as her core began to tense with desire, so did her grip on Vince’s hands.
            “Relax Lauren…” came the soft rumble of words past Vince’s lips as he edged back slowly and freed his hands from hers.
            “Okay,” she whispered back, wriggling her neck about on the edge of the bed. With her head still hung back ever so slightly, blood coursed through her body with an unusual sensation, her sense of touch now magnifying under Vince’s control…
            “I love this scarf, Lauren. Though I’m not quite ready to accept it yet.”
            “Yes. I think it will come in handy. It’s so soft. I want to share it with you.”
            Seconds later, Lauren felt the faint, recognizable contact of fibres— the inch-long loose strands of yarn that made up the tail ends of the scarf— circling her cheek. She curled her chin in from the ticklish sensation, but soon heard her husband whisper into the darkness of her mind, his voice not far from her ear.
            “Relax baby…and keep those eyes closed.”
            Lauren tried hard to relax, and after some time tuning back in to a state of calm, her chin and neck lost their tension and remained soothed and limp on once again on the bed.
            Vince supported the hand-made scarf across his two hands, one of them dangling the threaded ends in his grip. The loose strands now left Lauren’s silky cheek and travelled up to the tip of her chin and down her neck. Gliding slowly along an unknown route, Lauren focussed on the areas of her body that were being charmed by soft woolen fibres. The slight, ginger contact on her skin felt electric, charging her mind with thoughts that pulsed desire toward every corner of her body.
            Vince remained focussed and receptive to the reactions of his beloved wife. As he trailed the scarf’s soft edge between, then about her breasts, he kept watch on the rise and fall of her chest, reading her breaths and gauging his choreography of caress upon her.
            Brushing each of her soft nipples in temptingly slow circles, Vince finally caught sight of Lauren’s hands speaking back to him. He looked on as Lauren sunk into an instinctive state of captivation, watching her palms, earlier face up on the bed, now turn to meet her thighs. Lauren’s fingertips spoke her mind’s desire, reaching slowly for the soft skin of her own body, each digit making slow, barely conspicuous contact with her legs.
            Lauren wanted more.
            Vince carefully leaned out further, leading the scarf down along her beautiful round belly, swirling it about. He altered its path in random sequences, Lauren enjoying the elating tickles wandering lazily across her torso in alternating directions.
            Her breath hitched, as the delicate scarf sunk further down her body, finding the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Swirling the fabric about against her skin, Vince knew he had captivated his lovely wife. He watched on pleased, as his wife’s hands matched the motions of the scarf, her fingers swirling slowly about the outsides of her thighs.
            The scarf made its way along the insides of Lauren’s legs, tickling the back of her knees. As the soft fibres returned up her body, Lauren’s tuned instinct caught Vince’s eyes once again, as he saw her legs edge open slightly, her toes curling as she lay waiting for more.
            Finally, Vince drew the scarf across the bridge of her legs, dancing it gently over her underwear…
            He lowered his head beside hers and whispered alluringly.
            “I know where your hand wants to go.”
            Lauren’s eyes popped open and caught sight of her husband’s face not far above her, and she nervously edged away from her relaxed state. “I…I can’t do that in front of you.”
            “What, touch yourself sweetheart?”
            “Yes,” she whispered back. A shy rouge flashed across her cheeks, embarrassed by her admission.
            Vince nodded, and edged out an understanding smile, determined to sync his incredible wife back en route to her pleasurable afternoon journey.
            “Let me help you, sweetheart. Close your eyes…” Vince gathered the gifted scarf and folded it lengthwise, then laid it across Lauren’s eyes, encouraging the comfortable darkness to draw her back into her earlier state of solitude.
            “Now let me take your hand…” Vince cupped her hand in his, both palm down, encouraging her to relax her fingers as he turned his head and dotted her cheek with soft pecks. Vince stayed close to his beautiful wife as he picked up where they left off and guided her hand in random motions about her belly.
            Together, Lauren’s and Vince’s fingers travelled the skin of her body, the bare touch suddenly building a wave of growing elation. Comfortable in his care, Lauren gradually felt less nervous about hiding the fact that she had rarely been familiar with herself in private. As Vince’s lips continued to dot her cheek, his hand guided her own along every inch of skin that she remembered him kissing and caressing; in all their years together. Visions of their love making flooded her mind. Memories of passionate kisses plunged into Lauren’s attention, arresting her inhibitions and casting them far away…
            With Lauren’s chest rising and falling with greater distinction, Vince edged her hand in his slowly down her belly, and slid it smoothly under her panties…
Suddenly, Lauren felt more tuned in to her state of elations than ever before. In slow, slight motions, her legs wriggled about on the bed. Her shoulders tensed, and her breaths magnified from under hushed lips. The gentle trace of skin on skin magnified Lauren’s heartbeat, filling her with warm, successive pulses of delight.
Vince soon felt Lauren’s confidence surge as her hand took its own route of play from inside his gentle grip, and he slowly pulled away, trailing his palm up past her wrist and forearm. His hands floated to her sides, inching along her hips, never leaving her…
“I want to see you…” she whispered, in heat.
            A hand disappeared from her side and slid the scarf gently from her temples, allowing her to gaze upward and meet the beautiful rich hue of her husband’s comforting eyes.
            His presence felt magnificent, fleeting her reservations as she shared her body to his witness in the most intimate of manners.
            Under a hard percussion of adrenaline flowing through her body, her head felt an unusual daze, just off the bed, though safe, now cradled in her husband’s caring hands. His fingers eased her scalp with a soothing massage and her lips edged open, sucking in another deep, satisfying breath.
            Their eyes held onto each other as she brought herself closer and closer to an awaiting highpoint of ecstasy. Soon, with her body captive to such extraordinary touches, pressures, and sensations, Lauren could hold back no longer.
She closed her eyes and plunged blissfully, into a swelling sea of euphoria…
            Her body tensed and wriggled about, waves of pleasure leaving the splendid efforts upon her body. Pulses of joy coursed through her from head to toe. Light-headed, her imagination floated about in an endless state of bliss as she rode out the details of each slow, consecutive burst of pleasure.
            For moments that would be locked away and cherished for an eternity deep in her mind, Lauren closed her eyes and smiled avidly, riding the last pulse of wonderment as it trailed away from her exhausted body.
            She let out a slow, satisfying exhale and opened her eyes to catch her husband gazing at her with endearing eyes. He ran his fingers along her temples and she reached up to feel the back of his hand in her palm. The sweet grin never left Lauren as the two relished the long, quiet connection in each other’s touch that afternoon.
            “Thank you for that,” Lauren whispered, gazing appreciatively at her sweet husband.
            “For you, anything,” Vince replied softly, his thumb rubbing her temple as his eyes never left her.

Connected they were, and forever would be.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Spoken Word Chapter One of Vigilant Hart

Few authors are comfortable with narrating their stories in the spoken word, myself included.
But I thought I'd give it a go. Plug in your headphones and have a listen to Chapter 1 of Vigilant Hart.

Want more? You can pick up this action/mystery on in ebook or paperback.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

A sneak peek at my new release: Vigilant Hart

Hey everyone! I have a new book out!
It's my fourth story, and it's a little different from my other works.

I whipped up this novella over the summer and it is now available on Amazon, in both ebook and paperback formats.

Get your copy via the links below! 

I won't reveal too much about this action/mystery story, because if I do, I'll be revealing too much.
Vigilant Hart features a tall, blue-eyed, strong and silent Mitchell Hart. He has a strict mission that cannot falter. That is, until he crosses paths with an unintended influence. That influence will prove most challenging to his focus.
...and we will leave it at that!

Vigilant Hart was my new try to write a successful, impactful story in a different genre.
I usually write contemporary romance, but this story was a step into the new and unfamiliar for me!

ARC copies have come back with positive vibes, and so I am now happy to release Vigilant Hart to readers! I hope you enjoy this story. And there is consideration, given I get enough feedback; to make this into a three book series. I may add a prequel and sequel to Vigilant Hart.

Well, enjoy the book, and please feel free to contact me with any feedback! Your words always make a difference in the literary world!
As a bonus, I've posted the Prologue for your reading pleasure. If you like it, pick up the book!

AW Clarke


            Massimo regained consciousness to the sudden change in sound of the TTx’s powerful engine.
            Wrenching his neck about, he opened his eyes but saw darkness. As the tranquilizer’s effects continued to dissipate in his body, Massimo found it difficult to orient himself. His hands felt bound behind him. The chair he sat in appeared to bob up and down, and some sort of cloth bag over his head further nullified his senses.
            What’s going on? Where the hell am I?
            Suddenly, the drone of the engine changed, and Massimo felt terrified by the sudden loss of gravity in his stomach. Tensing his gut in fear, he tried to make some sense of his surroundings…
            A plane? Am I on a goddam plane?
            The g-forces returned to his gut as the plane levelled out seconds later, and the frightened captive could no longer stay calm.
            The next minute felt long and uneasy, with only the continued rumble of an engine not far from Massimo’s position.
            While imprisoned in a chair, cruising twenty-five hundred feet above sea level, at the front of the plane, its operator engaged the autopilot, removed his headset and climbed out of his seat.
            Moments later, the pilot stepped to within inches of where Massimo was restrained, placed a big hand on his shoulder and used his other hand to whip the cloth bag from his head.
            Dazed by the stark evening light shining through the windows of the fuselage, Massimo soon adjusted his sight and now sat face to face with his captor.
            “Who the fuck are you?”
            The pilot stared back at him, a look of amusement about his face. “It’s not important who I am. What is important, however, is who you are.”
            Hiding his fear behind a wall of rage, Massimo yelled at the stranger. “IF YOU ONLY KNEW WHO I WAS, YOU’D—”
            A leathery palm tore across the old man’s face, stunning him into silence. The amused brilliance in the pilot’s eyes slowly faded into a dark, menacing peer. Suddenly the drone surrounding them felt distant and muted.
            The pilot pulled a card from his shirt pocket, held it up between them and started to read aloud.
            “Massimo Zagate, CEO of DayStar Capital, the country’s second largest investment fund management company. Your company creates and runs predatory collateralized debt obligations to thousands of people across the country.”
            “So…? Buddy, you want a fucking mortgage, then this is not the way to approach me. Besides, I have people, and when they find out—”
            The big hand wound up to within inches from Massimo’s face, and he winced, grinding his teeth in anger.
            “Massimo, you piece of shit. You think I’d want anything you have to offer after what you did last year?”
            The dark faced pilot continued to read the card aloud.
            “Court documents show that you recently cranked the interest rates on your CDOs by eleven percent.” Massimo saw the card drop from sight between them. “That’s ten percent higher than anywhere else in the country! You know how many people lost everything because of your greed? You are a thief and an asshole.”
            The pilot stood up tall and peered out the window. The sun had begun its descent toward the sea-lined horizon. He then looked back at Massimo with great determination, his hand unlatching a large door at the side of the plane.
            “What are you doing?!” Massimo called out, panic lacing his voice.
            “The way I see it, your strategies helped funnel over a million dollars into the operations of one Jerome Zeldon. He and a certain group of his are well known around here, but for all the wrong reasons. You deserve to die for your actions, Massimo.” 
            “Just because some people lost their homes? They can start over. It’s a free country!”
            The large door quickly slid open and the cold turbulent air lashed the inside of the plane.
            The pilot approached his captor.
“Bad enough people lose everything, you shithead,” He grabbed a fistful of Massimo’s hair and leaned his head a little closer to him. “But some people lost their lives, asshole.”
Massimo’s eyes widened, time slowing as he was suddenly dragged out of the chair and kicked to his knees at the edge of the open door. He saw nothing familiar. The vast orange sky met an endless body of rolling waves as far as the eye could see.
            “Wait. WAIT! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” 
            “Killing you would be too easy. But I’m going to make sure you start over from nothing after what you’ve helped Zeldon and his cronies do.”
            Massimo felt his body tugged back into the fuselage and he let out a slow exhale.
Thank God.
            A moment later, he felt the pilot’s head draw near to his. The stranger spoke a few words into his ear and Massimo turned to see a large hunting blade in his captor’s grip.
            Frozen with fear, he felt himself pushed forward, held out of the plane’s door. Secured only by his knees and a firm hand holding a large sack secured around his torso, Massimo felt the presence of death as a harsh appointment drawing near in the waters below.
Instantly, he felt what could have only been the large knife slice the zip tie in two, finally freeing his wrists. But as soon as Massimo felt the freedom of his hands, his body was released from the plane, now tumbling to the earth below.
            This was Massimo’s fate…to punch through the massive waves below and drown while his body crumbled from the impact.
            Suddenly, his body jolted and pitched. A white cloth emerged from above, soon buffeting violently before expanding into a large canopy.
            The pilot watched from the plane as the automatic parachute activated right on time, slowing Massimo’s descent.
            As the freefall ended, the slow scrolling endless body of water revealed a small forest island. Hope flashed swiftly across Massimo’s eyes. Descending slowly toward the perimeter of the island, he sobbed like a child.
            The pilot slid closed the large door and took his position back in the cockpit. He turned off the autopilot and calmly affixed his headset.

            Turning about, he peered out the windscreen and verified his captive’s landing on the desolate beach below. He then eased back on the yoke and raised his speed, climbing into the distant orange glow of the evening sky. 

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