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"Leave every place you visit just a little bit better than before you arrived."

I'm a Toronto raised author with roots in western Europe. Years ago I found it necessary to take a break from the service industry and focus on sharing my thoughts with the world...and it's with the heart of a hopeless romantic and a few scribbled thoughts that I've introduced my first novel to the world.

Of course, life's not all about about having one's nose in a book along side a hot cup of coffee. When the pen rests, I enjoy tinkering with old machines, woodworking, and sharing wise words with good friends.

I began my literary career in 2011, being inspired by a good friend of mine, who is also an author. It was quite apparent to me that I could inspire others around me by placing life's lessons and valuable observations into my stories. Reading is not only a healthy way to take a break from the day's obligations, but it may lead the mind in new and exciting directions, through reflection and contemplation.

I hope that my literary works become food for the mind and a springboard for ideas and concepts about the path we all take in life. Each is as different as we are, but each harbours the potential to turn, dip and rise limitlessly.

Please explore my Musings tab, where you will find takes on several of my interests. Feel free to add your opinions or comments to a post. It's only when we share ideas that people find the road to truth.

Have an incredible day!

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